• Has been continuously operating for a minimum of two years.
  • Is a registered Non-Profit with the State of California and the IRS.
  • Has an occupancy of at least 10 beds.
  • Has an onsite House Manager.
  • Has 12 step meetings at the facility at least once a week for residents and outside visitors.

If your facility meets the above criteria, and you would like your facility to be considered for funding, complete the FACILITY APPLICATION.

You will be notified, via email, within 30 days of your submission if your facility has been approved.

If Approved,

  1. Gratitude Retreat Foundation will provide a donation to your non-profit sober living facility.
  2. The donations must be used for 30-day or 60-day “Soberships” for new residents unable to afford initial costs of moving in, covering up to the first two month(s) rent.
  3. It is the facility’s responsibility to determine that the individual applicant will meet Gratitude Retreat Foundation’s criteria prior to submission of their application (see below).
  4. After reviewing the individual application, funds will be provided directly to the facility.

Applicant Criteria to be used by Facility:

  1. Sponsored Applicant is sober during the application process.
  2. Sponsored Applicant  is attending 12-Step meetings on a daily basis and will have a sponsor within the first thirty days of entering facility.
  3. When physically and mentally able, Sponsored Applicant begins searching for work or school within 60 days of entering facility.